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Central Banks: the great illusion, for now … by A.D

mirage Dear all, It seems like nowadays, the most followed / most important market news are not anymore data (employment, GDP, inflation, corporate profits etc.) but rather speeches from Central Banks presidents.  And if I had to give an Oscar to the best of them, I would no doubt give it to Draghi as up until recently, he had managed to lift the markets without hardly spending any Euro so! The same cannot be said about Kuroda for instance. Fundamentals don’t matter so much anymore, or when they do,

The big picture (part I) – focus on the United States – by A.D

recession On my weekly reports I mostly comment on recent data / economic events, therofore focusing on short term views. In that series of notes "The big picture", I will focus on the "big picture", see where we are today, why we are there, and what we are heading to. I am starting this serie with a focus on the #1 economy, the United States. 1. The US did have a good ride The US have been the #1 economy since at least 1890. WW II helped the country to increase its power accross the world as US products