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Holiday time!

dakhla-accueil-03 It is time for a holiday! I won't be able to write weekly report next week then. Next week will be big in terms of economic data: ISM, PIM, monthly unemployment numbers etc. You can follow them on my site ( It is likely to be "good news is bad news and bad news is good news" (any bad news will actually be good news for the markets because it will increase the likelihood of the Fed not tapering any time soon - and good news will be bad news for the markets

US GDP revised number for Q1: are you kidding me???

consumption The GDP number for Q1 just got released: 1.8% compared to 2.4% previously estimated. The biggest drop came from personal consumption expenditures that contibuted to 2.4% of the GDP according to the previous estimate and only 1.83% to the revised number. What a miss! See below the details. Source: Zero Hedge A.D

Economic Data Shows Underlying Weakness, by Lance Roberts

Durable-Goods-Core-Capex-032613 As the markets have rallied over the last couple of months one of the primary "hopes" by mainstream analysts, economists, and even the Fed, has been the hope that the economy will begin to show real signs of life.  While the continued injections of monetary liquidity have inflated asset prices to previous peaks; unfortunately the same cannot be said for the underlying economy.  After four years, and trillions of dollars of financial support, the economy is still mired at sub-par growth rates,